Buying Asia


Tim's first book, 'Turning Crisis into Profit: How to Make Money in Asian Property' prompted demand for the book to be replicated into a broadcast show for viewers to watch on their TV screens around the world. The step by step guide to investing in real estate sold out in less than 5 days in bookshelves across Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. This success revealed the growing appetite for real estate to form part of a sophisticated investment portfolio.

Buying Asia aims to educate viewers on the nuances of buying real estate – the episodes highlight the pitfalls and warning signs when investing in different markets and localities whilst also highlighting the prime areas that are ripe for property investment. The show is broken down by key fundamentals to be mindful of when exploring markets for investment; entry and exit taxes, mortgage financing availability, legal ownership structures as well as others, all form part of this key checklist. Tim covers each item off with the help of industry experts who provide critical insight into the past, present and futures of Asia markets.

Buying Asia is a pioneering series providing viewers with a unique insight into property investment in Asia. The show is enlightening, informative and colourful, and reveals the intricacies of property investment in an easy to understand format.

Hosted by Tim Murphy, full time property investor, founder and Chairman of IP Global Limited and Asia's leading property investment expert, Buying Asia is the go-to-guide for investing in Asian real estate.


Sustained and rapid economic growth makes Asia probably the most exciting region for buying property.

Every year 40 million Asians move to cities; by 2050 two-thirds of the population will be urbanized.

There are 3 million high net worth individuals living in Asia with the number expected to grow exponentially over the coming years.

40 million homes are currently being built in Asia which amounts to 65% of all new homes globally.


Property is the preferred investment class for wise investors, making up the largest share of their investment portfolio.

Property markets rise and dip, but the long term trend is upwards because of growing populations, urbanization, and people's desire to improve their living standards.


Hosted by Tim Murphy, founder and Chairman of IP Global Limited, full time property investor and author of the sell out success "Turning Crisis into Profit : How to Make Money in Asian Property."

The property investment tycoon of Asia with over 20 years experience in building a profitable investment portfolio and a personal property portfolio stretching across 15 countries.

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